Corporate Committee

The Corporate Committee has been developed to enable external expert stakeholders to contribute to the promotion and sustainability of Hope Street beyond its current service delivery. Current activities of the Committee include the development of a Marketing plan and providing strategic advice on how to build robust dual transaction partnerships with a range of businesses.


Finance Committee

The Finance Committee is a standing committee of the Board and assists the Board to meet its fiscal responsibilities and achieve the objectives of the Strategic Plan. Through regular meetings, it also provides a forum for communication between the Board and the Finance, People and Culture Manager.


Risk Management and Compliance Committee

The Risk Management and Compliance Committee is a standing Committee of the Board and it provides reports and recommendations to the Board to assist it to manage risk across the whole organisation. It also ensures that the organisation complies with relevant legislation, government policy, organisational policy, codes of practice, standards, contracts and agreements.


Service Development Committee

The Service Development Committee is a standing Committee of the Board and it oversees and coordinates planning and actions to promote and develop the organisation in accordance with the Hope Street Strategic Plan and the Service Development Action Plan. It also supports and oversees the planning and actions of the Corporate Committee.

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