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Hope Street Youth and Family Services was one of the first crisis accommodation services for young people in Victoria. Hope Street has in excess of 35 years experience in delivering youth focused programs, services and practice within the homelessness sector.

Hope Street is a leading player in local homelessness networks and has continually demonstrated its commitment to service system reform and best practice. The agency has a strong record of driving integrated service system development and advocacy for young people and families who are homeless and in crisis in the North and West Region. Demonstrating Hope Street’s capacity, the organisation achieved an outstanding result in meeting all the requirements of the Human Services Standards Accreditation undertaken by QIP in 2016.

Hope Street has established an innovative service model reflecting a strong client focus that is strength based, solution-focussed, integrative and community strengthening. Hope Street has a strong reputation for quality service delivery, strong governance, efficient reporting and accountability models, and strong service networks. The agency has developed collaborative partnerships with a wide range of services to improve client outcomes. These partnerships build on internal specialist programs such as HYDDI, SFYPTRC and Youth Reconciliation. Strong links ensure that a holistic, client centred response is delivered. Hope Street has strong links with broader health, community, local government, employment and education sectors.

Hope Street was a primary contributor to the development of the Homelessness Youth Focused Practice Framework 2010, developed in partnership with DHS in 2010. The expertise of Hope Street has contributed to the adoption of the Framework achieving a more responsive and youth focused service system.

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