Management and staff are committed to the delivery of responsive and comprehensive services to young people and our communities in accordance with the values, philosophy and standards of our organisation.

A significant factor in achieving this is ongoing strengthening of our specialist expertise in:

  • Knowledge and skills in delivering services to young people who are homeless and in crisis;
  • Responding to young people with mental health needs, working with accompanying children, working with young people from CALD communities, family violence, drug and alcohol;
  • Youth specific policies and practice;

Hope Street’s expertise is supported by:

  • Employment of staff with appropriate specialist tertiary qualifications such as social work, youth work and psychology and the provisions of ongoing professional development
  • Clear and comprehensive evidenced based policies, procedures and systems
  • Established relationships with a range of community programs and initiatives for best matched client linkages and service provision
  • Dedicated resources to achieve optimum outcomes with clients within the case management process
  • Dedicated resources for program and staff support and development

Hope Street was thrilled to be one of only three finalists in the Community Contribution Award category of the 2019 Melton Business Excellence Awards. The awards acknowledge the great contributions that local organisations make to the City of Melton.  Our teams in Melton do an amazing job at supporting young people who are experiencing homelessness, through our youth refuge program, our mobile outreach service and our youth foyer-like model of supported transitional housing.

Strengths of the organisation include the following:

  • A comprehensive set of guiding documentation that articulate the governance and management processes across the organisation.
  • Good systems for management and reporting of the financial affairs of the organisation.
  • The work of the Corporate Committee, Ambassadors and the Millennial Advisory Group that adds significant value to the organisation.
  • Passion and commitment of staff to achieve best outcomes for clients.
  • Commitment to the vision, purpose, principle and values of Hope Street, that is clearly articulated and enacted at all levels of the organisation.
  • Good systems that ensure services are client-focused, evidence-based, strength-based and trauma-informed.
  • A whole of organisation culture that allows staff to be innovative and responsive in the ways they go about their work, all focussed on the vision and values of Hope Street.
  • Recruitment that requires higher levels of qualifications than is common in the sector.
  • Very responsive to the needs of young people and in providing flexible responses. They are very aware of the rights and responsibilities of young people; working in a way that ensures that these are considered in all aspects of the client journey.
  • Culture and environment that embraces and supports culture safety and diversity across their workforce, at their sites, and in their work with young people.
  • Client safety is prioritised, with passion.
  • Excellent networking, partnering and collaboration. Praised by stakeholders for leadership, for example at the LASN.

-- Quality Innovation Performance Accreditation Report,
November 2022, pages 5 and 6

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Paul BaulchMy passion in guiding children and young people to reach their full potential saw me serve on Hope Street's Corporate Committee for many years, with a view to assisting Hope Street increase its profile amongst corporates, philanthropy and various state and local government operations.

My initial views of Hope Street were of an organisation with the right foundations and commitment capable of making a greater difference across the community. When I was invited onto the Committee it was an easy decision. The Committee has assisted Hope Street with strategic direction, raising funds and increasing its profile in a number of ways with various events and other activities in line with its mandate.

In a personal sense my time on the Corporate Committee gave me a greater understanding of the solutions available, their effectiveness and the incredible support on offer from the communities in which Hope Street operate.

Hope Street continually "punches above its weight" in the sector in which it operates, it runs a lean administration and its focus continues to be on those who need its help.

-- Paul Baulch, Director, Reactivate Group
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QIP Accredited Organisation Certificate - Human Services StandardsAccreditation requirements met for the Human Services Standards (Department of Families, Fairness and Housing).

QIP Accredited Organisation Certificate - QIC Health and Community Services Standards 7th EdAccreditation requirements met for the QIC Health and Community Services Standards 7th Ed.

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