Hope Street Youth and Family Services Ltd ("Hope Street") based in the northern and western regions of Melbourne, is one of the longest established specialist youth homelessness services in Victoria.

As a leading player with 40 years' experience in delivering responsive services to young people in local communities, Hope Street provides both strategically targeted and holistic programs for young people including young families. These programs incorporate the following:

  • Short term supported emergency accommodation
  • Outreach support for 16-25 year olds
  • Youth reconciliation involving counselling and support for young people and families
  • Advocacy, resource and referral services
  • Independent family accommodation

The following statements guide and support our work with youth and families:


A society in which all young people and young families have a safe place to call home.


To influence change to end youth homelessness and empower young people and young families to achieve their full potential.



We treat people with impartiality and dignity.


We work with young people, young families, local communities and our partners – believing that together we achieve more.

Social Justice

We believe that all people have the right to be equal citizens in society and we will strive to achieve this within our purpose.


We are true to ourselves and each other in all of our interactions.


We create inclusive cultures that celebrate differences and similarities.


We draw on our strengths to build a better future.

Strategic Plan

Strategic and business planning is the 'big picture' of the organisation and its future direction. It explains the direction of the organisation and details its operations.

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