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If you are a young person and you are (at risk of) experiencing homelessness then this section is for you. You might be on your own, you might have a partner, you might have your own kids. Maybe you need help for a friend or family member who is facing homelessness. The links below will help you to find support, get back on track and connect with the community.

This section is also for those who want to learn more about youth homelessness and young people's lived experiences of homelessness.

Need Help?

Need Help

If you, or someone you know, is homeless or at risk of being homeless, please contact your nearest H...

About Homelessness

About Homelessness

The 2016 Australian Bureau of Statistics Census estimates that 39% of Victorians counted as experien...


Why are young people homeless?
There are many reasons why young people become hom...
Mohammed: CALD* and homeless
*CALD - Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Moh...
Jill: Going home
Jill* (22 yo) presented at Homeground stating that...
Jake: Getting help
Jake* (24 yo) was accommodated at the Hope Street ...
Jason: Portrait of a young man
Jason is 17 years old and has been homeless on and...
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