Helping each other

We have all read the articles about the increased cost of housing, including private rental, pushing more and more people to the outer suburbs for a more affordable home.

Now imagine if you were suddenly without a home and experiencing one or more of the following:

  • On the lowest form of income
  • Facing high levels of discrimination
  • Have no rental history and no-one to provide a reference
  • Not able to speak English
  • Are under 25 years of age with a mental illness/condition
  • Have no family support
  • Are disengaged from school and your local community

The picture is clear, complex and extremely distressing for the young people who live it. So what can we do?

Get help now

If you, or someone you know, is/are (at risk of) experiencing homelessness, you can get in touch with a "Homelessness Access Point". These access points are ways that a young person and young family can start to get support from organisations.

If you, or someone you know, is/are having any issues, there are also people that you can talk to for advice and support.

Check out our Need Help? section for contact numbers, links and other information.

Stay informed

As part of the community, we are all responsible for looking out for each other, especially those who are experiencing situations that negatively affect their life such as having no stable accommodation.

  • Learn more about youth homelessness from young people themselves and through the other sites listed in our Homelessness / Housing section — it includes social media links so you can engage with others on the same topic — get the facts and stats on homelessness
  • Talk about youth homelessness with your family, friends and wider community. More people need to know about how and why there are so many young people and young families without a safe place to call home. We have a glimpse into how young people experiencing homelessness feel — let's not make them feel forgotten any longer

Support organisations that are helping youth experiencing homelessness

  • You can donate to organisations like ours that are supporting young people and young families who are (at risk of) experiencing homelessness
  • Look for volunteer opportunities
  • If you, or someone you know, is/are part of an organisation/business, consider becoming a partner with us
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