Youth friendly space

There has been no youth friendly space designated for homeless young people in the Northern Metropolitan region to seek assistance. This project benefited 200 young people, aged 16 - 24 and from diverse multicultural backgrounds, who were homeless or at risk of homelessness (and their children) and utilising the services at our Brunswick site.

A youth friendly space was created to:

  • increase the access to our services by young people and the wider community
  • enable young people to access computers, resources and support to explore sustainable housing, education, training and employment
  • invite community members and groups to deliver activities and services that would improve young people's opportunities to address their situation including social, educational, recreational, health, financial and employment needs

Hope Street staff conducted group activities that focused on life skills development for disengaged homeless young people and their children such as:

  • Budgeting & Financial Support Needs
  • Sustainable Housing Options
  • Living Skills
  • Safety
  • Family Reconciliation
  • Parenting

The project increased services to young people and addressed the demand for homeless youth specific services in the Merri-bek local government area.

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