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Millennial Advisory Group

Millennial Advisory Group

In August 2019, Hope Street launched a Millennial Advisory Group.  The volunteer group consists of young adults aged 18 to 35 years old who are committed to raising Hope Street's public profile, raising funds and in-kind support for the organisation, and bringing the Millennial voice to the fore of the response to youth homelessness. The Millennial Advisory Group members are ambassadors for Hope Street – helping to spread the word about youth homelessness in Melbourne and Hope Street's response to it.

We have a few spots still open on the group, so if you're interested in joining us, please contact our Business Development and Partnerships Manager at .
Our current members:

Advisory Group member

Kat George
Chair of Millennial Advisory Group and Hope Street Director

Kat George is a policy, stakeholder engagement and project management professional working across human rights, consumer rights, privacy and data ethics. She is an LL.M candidate at the University of Melbourne, with research focusing on economic and social well-being, and the impact of data and technology on the future of human rights. Kat is also an accomplished editor and writer, and her work has appeared in publications including The Guardian, Huck Magazine, Right Now, Dazed Digital, Noisey and Refinery29. She has a background in media and publishing, and has worked in London and New York as a freelance consultant. Kat has also worked in the humanitarian sector, coordinating psycho-social support for children living in refugee camps in Greece. In her spare time, Kat volunteers as a Board Member of Hope Street Youth and Family Services and is an active member of the Australian Artificial Intelligence Collaborative Network. She also likes reading, tiny dogs, her husband, and unlimited re-watchings of past seasons of Ru Paul's Drag Race.

I am a passionate advocate for human rights. Hope Street's work with young people facing hardship is invaluable and inspiring. I am excited to support this work, and strive towards a future where everyone has equal opportunity. I am part of the Millennial Advisory Group to help raise awareness about the important economic and social challenges facing young people, and energize people to join in and offer support to Hope Street's programs in any way they can.

Advisory Group member

Nicholas Klenkowski
Youth Ambassador and previous Hope Street client

Nick is a young person with lived experience of homelessness, and a previous Hope Street client. He has joined the Millennial Advisory Group as a Youth Ambassador, to give voice to young people who are experiencing homelessness and to provide input based on his own experiences. He ran away from home aged 16 to escape from an abusive household. After a period of homelessness, he became an apprentice carpenter and his life started to stabilise. A major back injury rendered him unable to work for a period of time, which led to him losing his apprenticeship. Without the support of a family to fall back on, he became homeless for the second time as he was unable to pay the rent without his income. That's when he found Hope Street. Nick stayed in a Hope Street youth refuge and later moved into a Hope Street foyer-like supported transitional housing unit where he stayed for one year. He is currently staying in private rental accommodation, is working in the construction industry and has ambitions of becoming an entrepreneur.

My life has been quite a rollercoaster. With help from Hope Street, I was able to reclaim my life and succeed in many areas. I have a deep passion to help raise, inspire and lead young people out of the position I was once in. Being part of Hope Street allows me to return the kindness I received from the people who rescued me, and to now have a more direct influence and involvement in the organisation that I know, first hand, works effectively to move young people out of homelessness.

Advisory Group member

Alice Arendt

Alice has worked across the Victorian Public Sector for three years and is currently in a Governance role with the Essential Services Commission. She is passionate about good governance and how policy is formed to best achieve outcomes for the Victorian community. She has volunteered in a number of roles before her engagement with Hope Street and particularly enjoyed volunteering with other youth organisations. She holds a Bachelor of Arts, a Master of Public Policy and is currently completing her Juris Doctor. She is originally from Tasmania and loves to get out and about in nature as often as she can!

I have enjoyed volunteering with other youth organisations in the past and am looking to share my skills and knowledge in a way that contributes to the community.

Advisory Group member

Giuseppe (Pino) Demaio

Giuseppe (Pino) is a designer and creative business leader who uses Human-Centered Design to add economic, social and environmental value to organisations. He is founder and director of strategic design agency Local Peoples, which designs for healthy, resilient and resourceful communities through brand, place and experience design. Local Peoples also publish Matters Journal, a weekly digital and biannual print publication, exploring social innovation across arts, design, environment, food, health and technology. He is a co-founder of public health focussed social enterprise NCDFREE, co-founder and former director of residential developer Assemble, and he sits on the advisory board of Pause Festival.

Access to safe and good quality housing is a basic human need and right. It underpins all other community and social wellbeing indicators. While Australian cities may be some of the most 'liveable cities' in the world for some people, this is not the case for everyone, especially 28K+ younger people on any given day. This is why Hope Street's role in helping young people get back to a good place is so crucial and I am passionate about helping to raise the profile of this challenge and using design to help provide long term solutions.

Advisory Group member

Jess Gregory

Jess is a policy, research and engagement professional with an interest in working towards social and economic participation. She has worked on responding to family violence and gendered violence, both as a policy advisor at Domestic Violence Victoria and in communications at Australia's National Research Organisation for Women's Safety. In her current role Jess looks at how energy and water businesses can respond to family violence and financial abuse. She studied media, communications and languages and her first job was looking after the green room for ABC program Insiders. She also enjoys cooking, choc-tops at the movies and hiking.

Family violence is a leading cause of homelessness, particularly for women and young people. Hope Street does fantastic work in supporting young people to build the lives they want to lead. I'm passionate about community-led organisations and I look forward to supporting Hope Street and the young people they work with.

Advisory Group member

Katrina Hodgson

Katrina has worked with Traditional Owner communities in Victoria for eight years, as a historian working for the Native Title representative body and as a member of the Native Title Unit in the Victorian Department of Justice and Community Safety. Now, Katrina continues to work towards improved justice outcomes for Aboriginal Victorians in an advisory role within the Department of Justice and Community Safety.

It is heartbreaking to see how easily the vulnerable in our society can fall into homelessness. Having services that focus on the needs of young people who have fallen, and support them to find secure housing, is the first step to ensuring that they can be safe and healthy and set them on a path to succeed. I am so proud to be a part of the team at Hope Street that is helping to realise this vision.

Advisory Group member

Jason Spivakovsky-Pyle

Jason has over seven years' experience as a manager and producer in the arts and entertainment industry, and is currently the Associate Director at Upfront Events, a leading arts, ideas, event creator and performer booking agency. He studied communication design and has also worked in the user experience field. Jason sits on the Millennial Advisory Group and the Hope Street Corporate Committee.

Youth homelessness is something that has been very close to me for long period of time. I have dealt with homelessness at different levels and know how hard it can be for people who are going through it. I want to remove the misconceptions about homelessness and bring to light one of the most pressing issues that society faces in the modern age. Every person is entitled to have a support network and I want be part of a group that pushes that idea forward.



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