The Executive Leadership Team, Program Leadership Team and Program Teams of Hope Street have a strong history of delivering professional and responsive services to clients and the community.

Donna Bennett, CEO

Donna Bennett
Chief Executive Officer

Donna Bennett commenced her working life in youth homelessness while completing her Bachelor of Social Work, working in a young women’s refuge and a residential centre for young people in care in regional Victoria.  This was the beginning of her passion and drive for a fairer system and service delivery response to young people and their children impacted by not having a safe home in which to thrive.

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Duncan Adams
Finance Manager

Duncan Adams has been an Accountant and Finance Manager for more than 30 years in mid-sized corporations, before switching to the Not For Profit sector recently.

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Katie Hooper, Business Development and Partnerships Manager

Katie Hooper
Business Development and Partnerships Manager

Katie Hooper has worked in child and family services for over 25 years. She has worked with Government and Not for Profit organisations, in direct practice roles and executive leadership roles. Katie has worked with children, young people and families through Child Protection, Youth Justice, Education and support services. Katie joined the Hope Street team in June 2022 as the Business Development and Partnerships Manager and is excited to engage with the community to support the strategic priorities of Hope Street Youth and Family Services.

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Acting Operations Manager

Sue Scott
Operations Manager

Sue Scott's substantive position is as Programs Manager (North East). She commenced at Hope Street in March 2020 and has over 20 years' experience in the homelessness sector.

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People and Culture Manager

Nicole Misurelli
People and Culture Manager

Nicole Misurelli is an experienced People and Culture leader with experience in the public sector, Local Government, Higher Education and other sectors.  Nicole is passionate about using her professional experience which includes a past director and president of a peak body in the Out of Home Care sector, to improve the lives of vulnerable people and particularly youth.

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In the past two years Hope Street has experienced a higher than usual change within our Executive Leadership Team.  We have benefited from new members who are from diverse backgrounds bringing with them an array of skills and contributions to Hope Street.  Due to the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, some Executive Leadership Team members have reassessed their circumstances and left the organisation to focus more on personal and family obligations.  We understand the importance of putting family first and we appreciate that some people are reflecting on their career choice and lifestyles, including seeking positions with less responsibility, or for some Executive Leadership members moving to the country or interstate. 

We understand and value that periods of crisis or major events often act as a catalyst for change in people’s lives.  At Hope Street we recognise that this can be positive and meaningful.  It is admirable of staff to make such significant changes for the benefit of their wellbeing and that of their family.   It is in this spirit that we support our Executive Leadership Team and have supported them in their exit process and wishing them much success.

Whilst we aim for stability with our Executive Leadership Team, as we have enjoyed pre-COVID, we are however thrilled to welcome new people to Hope Street and the Executive Leadership Team. New people contributing their unique experiences and expertise, building on the contributions of current team members, to achieve Hope Street's vision:  A society in which all young people and young families have a safe place to call home.

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