The Business Development and Partnerships Committee oversees and coordinates planning and actions to promote and develop the organisation in accordance with the Hope Street Strategic Plan and the Business Development and Partnerships Action Plan. It also supports and oversees the planning and actions of the Corporate Committee. The Corporate Committee is a committee of the Business Development and Partnerships Committee. One or both of the Directors from the committee are members of the Corporate Committee.

Committee member

Helen Riseborough
Director and Chair of Committee

Hope Street plays a crucial and unique role in the lives of young people who are experiencing homelessness. I have over 30 years’ experience working in the areas of homelessness support and housing services, including youth services, community health and local government, and it is a privilege to assist this organisation achieve its objectives in my role on the Board and two committees.

Committee member

Andrew Nette

I believe the shortage of affordable accommodation is one of the most serious social issues facing Australia. Young people are particularly disadvantaged. Through my involvement in Hope Street, I feel like I am making a small contribution to helping to turn this situation around.

Donna Bennett, CEO

Donna Bennett
Chief Executive Officer

Donna Bennett has in excess of 25 years' experience managing and delivering transitional, outreach and crisis accommodation services to young people including families and she has made a significant contribution in the Homelessness Sector via capacity building, community development and systems development.

Donna has established leadership and strategic development skills and has been CEO of Hope Street since 2000.

Business Development and Partnerships Manager

Business Development and Partnerships Manager

Profile coming soon.


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