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Jack* (21 yo) moved from his family home in Sydney to his sister’s house in Melbourne. He moved due to the violence he experienced from his father in which he calls ‘a cultural thing’. Jack became fearful of his father and could not stand to see the abuse towards his mother any longer. He moved in with his older sister who resides in a small one bedroom unit with limited space. Jack is a very large man and was sleeping on the couch which was quite uncomfortable. Jack has no mental health issues or drug and alcohol issues. He left school at an early age but has re-enrolled at CAE to finalise his VCE (for which he needs extra tutoring). He has limited support in Melbourne and no experience of the Homelessness Service System. He was receiving limited Centrelink income due to being on the wrong payment which meant looking for private rental/shared accommodation was very difficult.

Through BOOST intervention, Jack was supported for 5 weeks:

  • Referral from Homeground Services. Responded immediately and organised an appointment for the following day at 11am. Ensured he had somewhere to stay that night.
  • Discussed housing options and identified that he needs a refuge or THM as his income is limited while he is studying and has limited living skills, which could be developed with the support of a Youth refuge placement.
  • Discussed shared house options and looking at sites such as gumtree and suburbs that could be cheaper (not Collingwood where his sister is living).
  • Assistance with enrolling at CAE to do his VCE
  • Assistance/research in finding funding for school books and fees.
  • Advocacy with Centrelink to put him on the right payment and assisting to complete the ‘Unable to Live at Home Allowance’.
  • Discussions with his stressed sister about housing options and the reality of getting a one bedroom property by himself in inner city Melbourne.
  • Connected with received services from the RDNS Homeless Persons Program nurse regarding general health and an injury

Jack was referred via the opening doors frame work from Homeground for the Youth Refuge vacancy at Hope Street Youth and Family Services. This was accommodation with ongoing support. Due to being referred to a refuge he was entitled to the Youth Refuge Enhancement brokerage funding which assisted him to pay for his school fees and books to the value of about $750. Jack’s Case Manager explored ongoing tutoring to assist Jack with his studies. Following a successful stay at the Hope Street Refuge Jack secured longer term specialist supported accommodation with the Mind Australia Sandridge Program. Jack is continuing with his school and his much loved rugby. He is enjoying his stay and the support at the refuge and has engaged very well.

(* Not his real name)

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