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Jill* (22 yo) presented at Homeground stating that she was homeless. She had moved to Victoria a few weeks prior from Sydney. Jill then lived with a friend in Geelong in her crisis property. Jill was asked to leave as it was a crisis accommodation property and she could not continue to live there. Jill also had a falling out with her friend. Jill then made her way to Melbourne. Jill had no supports in Melbourne and had an intellectual disability and was 6 weeks pregnant. Homeground accommodated her in a motel for Thursday through to Monday and made a referral to BOOST.

Through BOOST intervention, Jill was supported for 5 days:

  • A referral was made on Thursday afternoon to BOOST. BOOST rang Jill immediately and arranged to meet with her at her earliest convenience which was Friday the following day. BOOST met Jill at the hotel in Collingwood.
  • Did assessment at first meeting with Jill and discussed what supports she had in her life. It was established that Jill knew no one in Melbourne or Victoria. She was fearful of returning to Sydney as she felt that ‘Child Protection would take her unborn child like they did her other child’. She also stated that her husband was coming to live with her in Melbourne but unsure when.
  • Discussed housing options and that if her husband (who is much older and not eligible for Youth Services) was to live with her she would need to look at different housing options. A phone call to her husband was made and he was quite clear to the worker that he has separated from Jill and not coming to Melbourne. He stated that she needs to get a place herself. From here discussed just her housing options. Spoke about the housing difficulties etc.
  • Approached the idea of going back to Sydney where her supports were. Jill unsure about this and needed some time to think about it. Discussed the pros and cons of both, including child protection and being closer to her child in Sydney where she has occasional access. Also spoke about assistance that can be offered to her to return home to Sydney if she chose that.
  • Transported to the supermarket to get some food for the weekend. Provided information about cheap eats in the area.
  • Appointment arranged with Homeground on Monday morning to organise emergency accommodation if required.
  • Phone call to Jill on Monday and she had decided that it was best to return to Sydney.
  • Linked in with Travellers Aid. Both Homeground and Travellers Aid funded her train ticket to get back to Sydney.
  • BOOST had contact with her carer in Sydney and advised them of the train times etc.

Diverted from the Homelessness Service System and returned to supportive family in Sydney.

(* Not her real name)

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