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Jackie* (19 yo) presented at VincentCare stating that she was living with her parents in a very overcrowded house and she needs to find something else. Jackie has a 6 month old son and they are currently living in the lounge room of her parent’s house. Her father is also very sick and the overcrowded house with a 6 month old child is impacting on his deteriorating health. Therefore Jackie needs to find other accommodation.

Through BOOST intervention, Jackie was supported for 2 months:

  • A referral was received from Vincentcare and a phone call was made immediately to Jackie. An appointment was arranged for the next day at McDonalds (her choice).
  • Did BOOST comprehensive assessment and case plan. Jackie’s strengths were identified and it was noted that her family were emotional supportive of her however they just did not have the room to accommodate her and her son.
  • The case plan included looking for private rental, health concerns, and education.
  • Jackie stated that she was smart at school and did well at the beginning but due to a family death she left school and did not finish her VCE. She stated that this is something that she would like to do once her son was a bit older.
  • Discussed private rental options. Discussed ‘her reality’ in regards to what she can afford now and that this property will be a stepping stone for the future. Eg: it might be a small unit now that is affordable on her low income but when her child is older and she finishes her education and gains employment then she could move into a house with a backyard that she hopes to have one day.
  • Attended open for inspections, set up an email account, emailed properties in Jackie’s price range to her, attended real estate agent when signing the lease, etc.
  • Applied for the private rental brokerage and was successful in getting $2000 – ($1000 for rent and $1000 for household items). Jackie was also approved for the bond loan scheme through Office of Housing.
  • Referral was made to RDNS – Nurse Cath. Cath assisted linking Jackie into a new General Practitioner for herself and son, transported her to many dental appointments, and assisted with optical appointment, to name a few.
  • Continued supporting the relationship between Jackie and her family.

Jackie and her son found a 2 bedroom house in Broadmeadows that was only a street away from her family. The private rental was $210 per week. The house was furnished using the $1000 of the PRB fund and the use of donations from Op Shops. Jackie has enrolled in a TAFE course. Jackie continues to work with Nurse Cath.

This is a fantastic outcome as Jackie was diverted from homelessness system and connected to health, education and was accommodated.

(* Not her real name)

Image source: Decompose by zaldy icaonapo

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