A sad young woman

Harmony* was a young mother with an 18-month-old son and she had been experiencing homelessness for up to three months. During this time Harmony had been moving back and forth between friends and couchsurfing. Harmony was residing at her mother's, however due to the house being overcrowded she was forced to sleep in the lounge room and family disputes were a regular occurrence. She did not feel that this was a safe environment for herself and her son. At the time Harmony was completing full time studies and was on a low income.

Other issues included: minimal knowledge of private rental prices, minimal knowledge of budgeting, possible safety concerns for herself and her son, and transport fines.

Through BOOST intervention in which she was supported for 3 months Harmony received:

  • an immediate response and an assessment and case plan had been completed at the most convenient time for Harmony
  • information about accessing private rental and financial assistance to which Harmony was entitled
  • transportation to view private rental properties on a Saturday (possible with the flexible operational hours as a part of the BOOST model)
  • budgeting assistance
  • a safety planning/risk assessment for both Harmony and her son conducted by BOOST
  • help from BOOST to identify her strengths which included her determination to find stable housing for herself and her son and to complete her studies
  • health care from an RDNS Nurse who regularly attends Hope Street
  • assistance from BOOST for Harmony to address her transport fines including writing an internal review letter to the Transport Infringement Case review area.

Harmony was referred to our Hope Street in Whittlesea program and she was successful in obtaining medium term housing. With the advocacy of BOOST, Hope Street identified that Harmony was most suited for this program and was prioritised for the vacancy. As a result Harmony will receive ongoing support, allowing her to continue her studies and access longer term options. Harmony also receives ongoing support from the RDNS Nurse.

(* Not her real name)

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