Big Sky Content Image. List of info: Location = Melton. Ages = 16-24. Direct Path to employment and education. 40%+ faster than traditional construction. Integrated, supported, modular housing.

The Big Sky pilot project offers a home for young people and young families who are experiencing homelessness or at risk of homelessness in Melton. Core to this offer is the support component which ensures young people have the support, wraparound services and investments required to achieve their goals.

The project will be responsive to young people's developmental needs, diverting them from ongoing homelessness.

There are several key elements and features that set this project apart from other services. These include, without being limited to:

  • A partnership with the trade sector offering industry access to traineeships
  • Onsite trainee readiness program
  • Onsite health promotion program
  • Growing opportunities, not perpetuating hardship/disadvantage eg traineeships
  • Intensive youth-focused support
  • Connection and integration with other specialist services such as headspace, family violence, employment and training
  • Environmental sustainability

Project Partners / Stakeholders

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