Young woman

Before arriving at Hope Street, Muna would have to get up early every day to pack up her bed which was on the floor, so her aunt could use her bedroom as a family day care centre. She fought a lot with her aunt as she was made to do all the housework and never allowed to go out. When her uncle would come home he would be drunk, loud and aggressive. One day Muna was scared and left with a friend – and when she got home all her belongings were out in the street.

After arriving at the Youth Residential program (refuge), Muna quickly adjusted and established friendships. She attended church every Friday and her course on Saturdays. Muna enthusiastically participated in the refuge routines, including cooking. Muna was very motivated to make changes to enable her to have a stable and consistent lifestyle. Muna is attending counselling with the Hope Street Youth Reconciliation Practitioner, and has recently reconnected with her older brother.

Hope Street will continue to support Muna on an outreach basis until she feels settled and determines she no longer requires our support.

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