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Stramit partnered with Hope Street to literally put a roof over the heads of young people and young families by donating core building products to the construction of the First Response Youth Refuge in Melton

Our Youth Residential program has also benefitted from the steadfast support of Stramit who has regularly donated toiletries, clothing and gift items for young people.

Stramit was one of four corporate partners who contributed to Hope Street's 2018 Christmas appeal that saw over 70 young people receive Christmas gifts, food hampers and gift vouchers.

Brendan Rundle, Metro Operations Manager:

Most of us would have experienced or had close family or friends who have experienced young people running away, often without any warning or understanding about why they have done so. The running away is often a cry for help and they can be gone for a short or longer period, couch surf at people's homes and then very often become homeless. Read on...


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