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Woodgrove Shopping Centre has nominated Hope Street as its preferred charity. The partnership will support young people experiencing, or at risk of, homelessness, through fundraising events and awareness raising initiatives.

Launched on 24 September 2015, the Tree of Hope was an evolving display at the Woodgrove Shopping Centre, upon which people were able to buy a butterfly to attach to the tree and leave their messages of hope for young people who are homeless or at risk of homelessness. As the number of butterflies of hope on the tree grew, so did the awareness of youth homelessness and how Hope Street helps vulnerable young persons establish roots in the community and realise their potential.  The Tree of Hope was a symbolic representation of the community's concern for homeless young people and their families and all funds raised from the tree will be donated to Hope Street.

With the success of the Tree of Hope,  the Letters of Hope was unveiled on 01 March 2017. The installation, located at the Grove outside the Bank of Melbourne entry, is comprised of four letters: H-O-P-E. Colourful keytags obtained from Woodgrove or participating retailers for a gold coin donation, have a personal message written upon them and are then attached to one of the letters.

Hope Street thanks Woodgrove for their ongoing support and tremendous assistance with the promotion of our work with homeless young people and families and, in particular, with our Melton First Response campaign.

Website: www.woodgrove.com.au


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