Justice for youth

Many of the young people in our service face justice and legal issues. This project provided 150 young people experiencing homelessness who were 16 - 25 years of age and residing in Hope Street's Refuge in the Northern Metropolitan region with legal education, information and support.

The Legal Education Group sessions increased the knowledge and understanding of a range of legal issues impacting on young people at our Brunswick West Youth Refuge and empowered them to access the law effectively, helping them to overcome individual legal barriers. Topics included:

  • Police - Your rights, going to Court, what to do about unfair treatment (Legal System)
  • Family Law - Family violence or abuse at home
  • Victims of Crime - Victims Charter and Rights
  • Immigration and Refugee Legal Issues - Visas, Family Reunification
  • Housing Issues - Tenancy Rights and Responsibilities
  • Criminal Law - Legal Rights and Access to law
  • Discrimination - what is it, when is it unlawful and what can you do about it?
  • Youth Justice - Legal Advice
  • Relationships - laws about sex, becoming a young parent and personal safety
  • Sexual Assault and Harassment
  • Financial Support - Centrelink eligibility and process
  • Drugs and Alcohol - smoking, marijuana. What does the law say?
  • Medical and Health - Legal Rights ie privacy, health records, consent
  • Public transport - dealing with transit police, inspectors and fines

Young people were able to raise their concerns and voice issues on a range legal matters impacting their health and wellbeing.  This innovative project had practical outcomes for both the young people involved and for the homelessness service networks in the Northern region.

Project Partners / Stakeholders

This project will involve a range of organisations working with Hope Street to deliver Legal Education Sessions at the Brunswick West Youth Refuge and/or partner agencies.

Featured Partners

  • Victoria Police - Youth Liaison Officers (Merri-bek, Whittlesea and Melton)
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