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Johnny had just turned 16 when he entered the Hope Street in Melton program. Up until this point he had been couch surfing at many different places for a few months. Regardless of his situation and of being transient during this time, Johnny still attended school, part-time work and, his passion, boxing.

Johnny wishes to work in IT when he finishes school as he likes to build computers and do coding. Johnny often engages with and discusses in depth his theories on history, geography, politics and social justice with staff. He has engaged extremely well in the program and is even offering ideas to get other youth engaged. One such idea was a Master chef program onsite where teams of two youths would take it in turn to cook for and grade each other’s cooking, and where winners could cook for higher management or be awarded a certificate or reward of some kind.

Johnny likes to participate in Living Skills and likes to try different cooking techniques and recipes. One of these was a Gnocchi, chicken, cherry tomato, zucchini and parmesan pesto bake, which Johnny had wanted to prepare and cook with staff.

At times Johnny educates his worker about health and wellbeing and how to look for sugars and fats that are in foods - which ones are good and which ones to stay away from.  He pays close attention to what he eats and exercises regularly to be fit and healthy enough for training and boxing competitions.

Johnny has attended weekend excursions such as the Escape Room, reporting back that he really enjoyed the day. He is always eager to watch live basketball.

Johnny is very thankful to Hope Street to have accepted him into the Hope Street at Melton program as it offers him a safe and comfortable place to call home. He says that the staff are very warm, caring and supportive of his short term and long term goals.

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